Vision & Method

Our Vision is for our work to result in empowered people and organizations that exceed expectations.

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TMG supports Leaders Across the Journey and Through Sprints

  • Delivering results from a trusted network of industry specialists and strategic partnerships that provide an agile, adaptive and scalable resource of assets
  • Built on a foundation of Core Beliefs and Values – Trust, Include, Discover, Adapt

Our Method

  • At The Morse Group, we enable our clients to exceed their expectations by driving wholistic thinking and actions. This is accomplished by identifying the needs of their future and creating an adaptive, accelerated and aligned pathway to reach it. We facilitate and strategize with our partners through consultation, coaching and training

Leaders describe the results as:

  • “logical, practical and more creative way of thinking that is easier to communicate” (President, Global Company)
  • “better alignment and team cohesiveness” (Manager)
  • “enabling us to think differently” (Global Strategy Lead)
  • “getting our people unstuck” (Strategy Lead)
  • “big picture ownership of where we are going and why” (VP)
  • “invaluable outside-in thinking” (Director of Strategy)
  • “creating environments for honest dialogue and more agile thinking”…”you got us to where no one else could” (CEO)

Our wholistic approach integrates Analytic and Creative Solutions in areas that include the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Excellence
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Business to Business & Community Engagement

Examples of work within the above categories:

  • Simplify and broaden the thinking within the organization
  • Align leadership and team to strategies both external and internal
  • Bring outside-in data and trends to develop a strategic landscape and actions that drive a competitive advantage
  • Leverage corporate culture to meet growth goals
  • Read inefficiencies within organizations and improve organizational performance and effectiveness
  • Overcome internal corporate culture issues
  • Motivate employees around a central vision
  • Strengthen internal teams
  • Coach and develop leaders


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