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Book & Author Suggestions

The following are books that we have discovered or have been suggested to us by the leaders we have worked with over the years.  They are all unique in each topic they explore, but collectively they begin to cover the range of wholistic leadership.

Upstream, by Dan Heath

A book that can provide immediate value to individuals and teams looking to solve recurring challenges in new ways. Dan gives direct methods and a process to go ‘upstream’ from the problems we are continually trying to solve. We have used this book extensively with leaders and aspiring leaders. It can dramatically instill a new level of thinking almost immediately. Our favorite quote from the book is on page 26. “Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets”.

Creativity, Inc., by Ed Catmull

A compelling and insightful story of how to instill and sustain the essence of creativity at scale across an organization, especially through a merger. Aspects of this book are essential if you, as a leader, are looking to leverage being agile in your strategy.

Drive by Dan Pink

Dan has written a number of insightful books that can help you, as a leader, to understand aspects of the ‘human condition’ and how to utilize it. His other great books are Whole New Mind, To Sell Is Human, and When.

Energy Leadership by Bruce Schneider

A case study story that walks you through the concepts of Energy Leadership and how a leader changes his organization.

Radical Inclusion by Martin Dempsey and Ori Brafman

A rich book on the current ecosystem that leaders need to navigate; where ‘the narrative’ outpaces ‘the facts’. It is very honest and targeted at how to build the trust one needs to succeed as a leader. Click here to see a ‘Sprint Whiteboard’ drawing video of the concepts from this book.

Leading Culture Change by Dan Denison, Robert Hooijberg, Nancy Lane and Colleen Lief

A data driven series of case studies that show how leaders can measure and change how culture is influencing the performance of organizations. The Denison Model is our metric and model of choice for aligning strategy and culture.

The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam

Dan has written a number of books on how to use visuals to connect people and solve problems. Any one of his books are a great resource.

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