Current Areas of Focus

Adaptive Solutions

Currently, leaders are asking us for more adaptive solutions in these areas of strategy, culture, leadership, organizational development, and change management. The following shortlist highlights the types of challenges that today’s leaders are facing and that The Morse Group is being asked to help define and provide solutions.

– Strategic Market Evolution and Market Gameboard Design: “What game are we playing? What game should we be playing?”
– Strategic Integration and Cultural Alignment
– Agile Strategic/Cultural Analysis & Engagement: “quick alignment & focus check-in while driving greater ownership”

– Agile Mindset & Culture Strategies
– M&A Cultural Due Diligence and Integration: Performance Assessment and Post Acquisition Alignment to Strategy
– Creative Culture Mindset
– Broader and more progressive thinking: “Help my team see the art of the possible”, “To see what we are not seeing.”
– Team Ownership and Loyalty: “how do I get our people to care more?”

– M&A Due Diligence on Leadership Potential
– Strategic Change Leadership
– Executive Transition & Management
– Leadership Team Alignment: “help us work better together”
– Global Leader Development: “we need our leaders to be more agile and efficient in working with other cultures”

– Organizational Coaching & Data Driven
– Comprehensive Culture to Strategy Analysis: “Get our people ‘unstuck’”, “take us to the next level of performance”, “we knew something was up, you allowed us to see it”, “help us gain momentum.”

– Embodied Leadership
– Next Level Performance
– Next Practices

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Hear Directly From Our Clients

“Stuart’s ability to access what I call the “Genius Conduit” has opened up my willingness to create self-led solutions. Guided back into my own resources, Stuart works as an energy influencer who always inspires each session–with conversations that serve as a compass to success. His spirited guidance is intuitive without getting in the client’s way.”


Case Studies

Empowering Leaders

From coaching executives and teams, integrating cultures, and helping world-class organizations accelerate their strategies, the Morse Group consistently finds creative and effective ways to empower leaders.

Develop Next Global Leaders

Developing the next wave of global leaders through visual strategic thinking and training of HR. Click Here to Download.

Leadership Alignment Momentum

Aligning senior leadership around strategy and culture drove effectiveness and sales growth in midsize company. Click Here to Download.

Strategic Market Evolution Visualization

Effectively evaluating the competition through quantitative and qualitative perception exploration allows for more efficient internal strategies. Click Here to Download.

Synergize Two Global Corporations

Blending two companies with vast geographical and cultural differences to think and execute a new, faster pace. Click Here to Download.

Take High-Performers to a New Level

How to get even more from high-performing leaders. Click Here to Download.

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