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What We Do

We enable our clients to exceed their expectations by identifying the needs of their future and creating an adaptive, accelerated and aligned pathway to reach it.


Simple and distilled strategies to align and focus leaders and organizations to actions and results. Engaging multiple perspectives using data to drive discoveries that align on strategies that juxtapose and differentiate organizations from the competitors in market environments. Focusing on simplifying taxonomy and mechanisms so leaders and organizations can move more quickly and efficiently as they immerse in strategy to action.


Increasing efficiencies by unveiling operational processes and behaviors that effect excellence capability. Holistic approach to addressing efficiencies from both Rational and Emotional drivers and constraints. Gaining momentum by reframing constraints and fueling drivers with solutions that are sustainable.


Enabling change outcomes that go beyond the leader and encompass the journey of the organization from a Legacy and Current State to a Desired Future State. The Morse Group change model of SOCit TM : See it, Own it, Create within it TM is used to align and drive sustainable change by gaining alignment from three lenses: Leadership, We (the organization) and I (the individual) backed by data tied to Organizational Performance.


Providing performance metrics and constructs for leaders and organizations to achieve greater results, see things quicker and make better judgments. Using the combination of Linear and Non-linear methodologies to empower clients with greater skillsets to own and influence the cause and effect of results.


Operationalizing culture and its influence on results for leaders and organizations to have greater control and ownership of resulting outcomes. Using quantitative and qualitative data from multiple metric points to create a complete picture to support and enable the cultural change journey that leaders and organizations would like to create.


One on one work with leaders to increase their effectiveness and growth potential through experiential skill building, situational awareness and methodologies that assimilate to their natural talents and perspective. Holistic methodology using a range of techniques leveraging what a leader inherently possesses to enable greater efficiencies and bandwidth to work in more diverse scenarios and environments.


  • A very robust, collaborative and clear strategic plan that was easy to understand and manage. Furthermore, it was much easier to communicate to the general population of employees because of its simplicity.

    A more relaxed strategic planning process resulted in creative thinking about what to do.” “Our new products and innovation ideas pipeline went from less than $200 mil to over $1 billion in less than 18 months.

    President of Engineering and Manufacturing Company

  • I have been closely associated with Stuart in a number of organizations over the past 4 years. I have had the opportunity to observe, appreciate, and admire his creativity, organizational capabilities, interactions with a wide variety of individuals, his passion for his work, and consideration and compassion for those he works with. I respect his intelligence, expertise, decency, planning and organizational skills, sense of humor, and ability to have fun at what he does and the people he works with….attributes which make him effective at what he does and enjoyable to work with.

    Chester Strobel, retired Pharmaceutical Executive

  • Thanks [Stuart] for the help with this…..and the project as a whole….you bring a tremendous amount of outward in thinking to this activity.

    Strategy Lead for Fortune 50 Company

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    Leveraging the power of integrating the analytic and creative to enable people and organizations to achieve better results.
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